"Ziba has been the most extraordinary health coach I have ever had the privilege of working with. Her education paired with her passion to heal her own child with autism has been very useful with helping my five-year old son, who also has autism. After consulting with a naturopath, nutritionist, doctor and gastroenterologist and not getting the results we wanted, Ziba gave us a protocol that magically helped my son's gut issues in a short few days.

Ziba's broad range of knowledge and expertise has not only helped my son, but myself as well. She creates a plan of action to bring her client towards ultimate well being while taking the time to explain why each step is necessary. She has gone above and beyond any other health professional to make sure my son and I overcome various health challenges and I will be forever grateful for all that she has done for us."

~ Sandy M

"I have had severe allergies for almost twenty years from pollen, grass, and flowers. I used many different allergy medications from different doctors, but none of them worked. For the past year I have worked with Ziba to relieve my allergies. These remedies are working like magic for my spring and summer allergies. I cannot thank Ziba enough for her part in helping me have a fulfilling spring and summer lifestyle. Thank you, ZibaCare!”

~ Parm D

“I was traveling to India with my two girls and was very concerned about their immune system being compromised since the plan was to travel to pretty extreme and exotic places. Thus, I was very motivated to consult with Ziba. She supported me by writing up a plan of natural protection and remedies to carry with me during my family’s travels in India. I was in India for 3 months and during that time, neither of my two daughters nor I became sick. I would say it was our best trip to India. I am so grateful to Ziba for her guidance. As a result, I continue to seek her coaching to this day. In fact, it was she who was by my bedside when I gave birth to my third daughter this year. Much thanks to ZibaCare!”

~ Parmjit S