Seasonal Changes! Have no fear! ZibaCare is here

Ah spring! It’s finally here.. flowers blooming birds singing.. hold up! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Ahhh excuse me yes .. the warmth is on the horizon, the longer days .. Ahhh aaachooo! oh boy.. here we go the dreaded spring allergies are here too!  

For many who struggle with spring allergies this is a reason for that love hate for this season. There has definitely been a rise in pollen production in recent years due to climate change.
“Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies Even Worse” 

And with the environment’s decline so has there been an incline in people developing environmental allergies. The good news is that it is possible to enjoy all the glory that comes with this beautiful flowery season. And you’ve come to the right place. As a holistic health consultant my philosophy is to seek solutions that will help support the body without negative side effects. Solutions that may be readily available in your kitchen cabinet. In our home we have family members who also struggle with spring allergies so we have had to do a lot of variety of trials and error of what worked one year and did not have as powerful of an effect keeping symptoms at bay the following year.

But I am happy to say that we have finally been able to solidify what does work consistently year after year! And now with my blog entry here I am excited to share this knowledge with you!

First and for most is adressing clothing and bedding. One of the easiest ways to reduce the symptoms is to make sure to change your clothing when you return home because all that pollen stuck to you will keep lingering  causing that continuous series of symptoms but also be aware of your bedding. Change your sheets and pillow cases on a regular basis specially if you haven’t showered as all that is in your hair gets transferred into your pillow! And back in your path to breath in.

Aside from hygiene we have found Epsom salt baths very effective in strengthening the body to fight off the symptoms. Every night my son takes a relaxing Epsom bath soak for 20 minutes after he finishes washing. Make sure you do your soak after you’ve completely finished washing as you don’t want to soap off after the Epsom soak.

In terms of natural remedies, we have found consuming a spoon of raw apple cider vinegar helpful plus unheated raw organic honey. It’s important that your honey contains it’s medicinal properties and not consist of sugar.Here is one company who makes quality raw honey but there are many others on the market. Just read the ingredients and look for the words “raw” and “unheated” because then you’ll know it’s just wholesome honey and not a jar of sugar.

Now why would honey be so beneficial? I’ve had clients who swear by raw honey stand alone through out the season. Raw honey retains all its beneficial nutrients because it’s not heated and over processed. Raw honey retains all its antioxidants as a result and it then is able to deliver anti-bacterial anti-fungal antiviral properties. It also helps digestive issues. Only negative is that honey does need to be avoided for babies. And that’s the case with any type of honey. Some have found that consuming a table spoon of raw unprocessed honey has been more effective than anything else they have tried for the symptoms whilst benefiting from the other wide array of healing nutritional properties it also contains.

For those looking for Homeopathic alternative there is two remedies that we have found effective. One is Boiron remedy Histaminum. And the other Sabadilla by Boiron. Both can be found at health food stores. 

Above all stay well hydrated and eat as much anti-inflammatory foods as possible. Remember if you have spring allergies you’re more likely prone to other allergies and or autoimmune disorders. There is no shame in that. It just means that your body is wise enough to communicate with you when it is suffering. Listen to your body speaking to you and allow that communication be your guide to reduce consumption of inflammatory foods and increase your consumption of whole foods to set your body up for success to function for you optimally. 

To your good health dear readers. Until next time!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I appreciate you visiting Ziba Care. I am a Holistic health consultant. As always please seek your physician’s advice.